Four Tips To Make Your LED Sign Stand Out


Having an LED sign posted on the front window or door of your business can instantly increase your curb appeal and entice passing customers to pay you a visit. However, with so many businesses using this catchy form of advertising, it's entirely possible that your message will get lost in the crowd.

Don't dismay -- with the right approach and a few simple adjustments along the way, you can have your LED sign catch the eyes of the masses and encourage a steady parade of customers to come through your doors. Here's what to do:

Change Up Your Color

Just as LED signs are prevalent in many stores' windows, so too is the use of red lettering. If you're in a strip mall, use red LED letter and have several neighbors that have the same type of sign, your message won't stand out. Program your sign -- or buy a sign that provides multiple color options -- to use a contrasting color, such as neon blue or green.

Choose A New Location

Just as switching the color of your lettering can make your sign stand out, so too can making a change in your sign's location. Too many neighboring businesses post their LED signs at roughly the same height in their respective windows, which essentially creates a wall of LED lights that seems to blend together. If possible, try to raise your sign a few feet or look for an alternative placement, such as on a free-standing sign closer to the road.

Don't Rely On Tacky Gimmicks

Too many businesses use their LED signs to catch the eyes of passing motorists or pedestrians, only to have a failed attempt at humor prevail over substance. While sign slogans such as "Look Here!" will certainly draw their share of the public's eyes, no one looks at a slogan of this nature and feels an overwhelming need to support the business. Choose substance over gimmickry and you won't risk annoying your potential customer base.

Provide Value

A sign that simply says "Sale" might initially seem appealing to a prospective customer, but it doesn't provide enough value to entice the person to stop. Regardless of the size of your sign, strive to provide as much value as possible. Whether you're discussing details of a sale, touting expanded hours or sharing information about your social media presence, ask yourself what benefit your message is giving your prospective customers.

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12 June 2015

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