Fun Ways To Display Your Banner Sign For A Sale Event


If you're hosting a sale event at your store, displaying a big banner sign near the street is a great way to draw people in. To ensure your banner sign really gets noticed, however, it's important to not only pay attention to the sign, but also to how you display it. Here are four fun ways to display your sign and attract plenty of attention from passersby.

On a bounce house.

If your business is one that caters to families, mount the banner sign on the side of the bounce house, and let those who are interested bounce for a few minutes before they come inside to shop. This will only work for certain types of businesses. For instance, advertising a sale at a toy store with a bounce house that has a huge banner sign on it is a great idea because it will draw in families with kids -- advertising a sale on beauty products with a bounce house, on the other hand, makes little sense.

Between two trees.

If there are trees near the street, why not tie the banner sign between two of them? This gives the sign a bit of a rustic appeal, which is good if you own a nature store, garden center, sporting goods store or the like. If your banner sign does not have holes through which you can pass rope already, make your own with a hole punch, and then reinforce them with some stick-on plastic rings.

On the side of a truck.

Attach the sign to the side of your truck with a little double-sided tape. Park your truck in the front of your store, and you have an instant advertisement. This method has the advantage of allowing you to move the sign easily -- just move the truck. When you peel the sign off, you can remove any tape residue with a little goo remover from your local home goods or drugstore.

In the hands of a blow-up character.

Is your sale taking place in honor of a certain holiday? If so, having a blow-up character associated with that holiday "hold" the sign is a great idea. You could tape the sign to a blow-up Santa for Christmas, for instance, or a blow-up Uncle Sam for Independence Day.

Make sure you display your sign creatively, and customers won't be able to pass up the chance to check out your store!

For more information about obtaining and hanging a banner, contact a sign store like Signarama.


15 September 2015

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