Using Signs In Your Store Front Window To Increase Sales


If you have a small business, you are most likely interested in gaining and keeping customers. Using signs on your business store front can help draw attention to your establishment. There are several types available, each with their own benefits. Here are a few ways to incorporate signs onto your business' store front in a pleasing way in an attempt to entice customers to come inside to browse the wares or services you are offering.

Use An Awning

One way to use a sign in a way that won't cover the front of your building is with the use of an awning. You can have your company name printed along the front, drawing in customers from down the street. This doubles as an area that customers can utilize for resting or waiting for a ride after going into your establishment. You can also hang smaller signs from the awning on hooks. These dangling signs can be used to list prices or specialty items to help potential customers know what you have inside.

Stick With The Decor

Rather than placing large printed ads in your windows, covering up the items you are trying to see, add smaller signs that match the decor of your building. These will not be deemed as an eyesore and will subtly tell customers about the items inside. Consider placing a wooden shelving unit in your front window, displaying the signs inside small picture frames. You can place some of the items for sale next to the signs so people can window shop as they pass by the front of your store.

Try Lights To Attract

Purchasing a light-up sign to place inside your front window is a wonderful way to gain attention during nighttime hours. If you have an establishment that stays open while it is dark, a bright neon sign will attract the eye of those in the area. Consider purchasing a LED scrolling message sign to place in your window. This can be changed daily via a computer program so the latest prices or special events can be announced to those walking past. 

If you do not have money for an electric light-up sign, consider placing a sign in your window and putting spot lights on your grounds to illuminate it during night hours. This will allow those strolling past to see what you are offering inside, perhaps enticing them to come back during your opening hours.

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1 December 2015

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