Promoting Your Parish: Three Praiseworthy Church Sign Ideas


Advertising your church can help to attract new members to your flock and help to make your special events a success. In addition to your standard church sign that lists your name and denomination, you should consider additional signage to call out your services and special events. Here are just a few sign ideas you can put to work for your congregation.

Custom-Printed Event Banners

For annual events your church holds, consider having custom banners printed to advertise the events to the public. Use bright colors and work with your sign company to create graphics that capture the attention of people passing by. These banners can be placed on the exterior of your church or underneath any signs you have located near the side of the road. Some events you can call out on these banners might include:

  • Easter and Christmas services
  • Rummage sales
  • Vacation Bible school
  • Casino nights
  • Sunday school graduation
  • Fourth of July picnics
  • Bingo nights

LED Signage

LED signs offer a modern way for churches to share community news and event updates. These signs can be programmed daily, so you can change your message frequently. Consider adding small Bible verses to inspire people passing the church, and congratulate newly married couples in your congregation with a message on the sign. You can also use the sign to announce which pastor or minister will be preaching each Sunday service, or you can add messages about upcoming church fundraisers. These signs can replace your traditional metal letter sign, making it easy to change your messages frequently.

Sandwich Board Sign Holders

Sandwich board sign holders can be used to direct visitors to your church events and services. These signs can be placed near your parking lot entrances to direct people to visitor parking areas, and they can also be used at each entrance to your church so people can find the correct entrances for Bible school classes, church events and services. You can choose signs with interchangeable metal letters, or for a more modern look, opt for sandwich board signs that have clear sign holders. Your sign company can print a different signs you can use in the sign holders, so you can switch out the information as needed. Be sure to have the sandwich board signs customized with your church's name so visitors know they have come to the right place.

Church signs can do more than just advertise your church's identity. Use these sign ideas to connect with the surrounding community and attract new people to your congregation. For more information, contact DeMars Signs or a similar company.


5 May 2016

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