Roadside Advertising Sign Safety Tips


Roadside advertising can be an excellent way to spread the word about your business. It can even be a low-cost option if you are placing the signs on your own property. In this case, you may be considering a more permanent option, such as a metal sign, or at least permanent framework that you can switch the temporary vinyl banners into and out of. Before placing your new sign, make sure you know the following safety tips.

Tip #1: Consider visibility

You don't want your sign to limit the visibility of drivers or pedestrians and create a hazard. Avoid placing the sign too close to a corner – drivers need to be able to see oncoming traffic, as well as any pedestrians waiting to cross the street. Also, set the sign back from the road by several feet so drivers can see around it as they go down the road. Some municipalities may have specific set back rules, so check with the city clerk or code enforcement office before erecting the sign.

Tip #2: Use breakaway sign posts

Permanently installed sign posts on the side of the road can pose another hazard – the sign can be fatal if a driver loses control and hits an unmoving sign. The way to avoid this is with breakaway sign posts. These consist of a post in two parts. The first part is installed into the ground and only protrudes a few inches. The main sign post then bolts to this ground post. If it is hit by a car, the bolt is designed to break so the sign falls down harmlessly. After the car is removed, it is usually possible to re-erect the sign with new bolts if the sign itself is relatively undamaged.

Tip #3: Consider the wind

If you decide to go with permanent posts for temporary banner signs, you will also need to consider the wind. Even a stiff breeze can damage vinyl, or worse from a safety standpoint, break the supporting lines. A vinyl sign that breaks free becomes a hazard because it can blow in front of traffic. Your sign maker can pre-cut air flow flaps into the sign. This will allow the breeze to blow through so no stress is put on the lines. Also, have the sign maker install reinforced hanging grommets to prevent tearing. The added benefit is that the signs will last longer since they won't become tattered in the wind.


18 May 2016

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