Engraving Custom Plaques: Two Things You Need to Know


Good employees serve as a valuable resource for any company. Attracting and retaining quality workers is a top priority for most companies, and taking the time to recognize the efforts of your workforce can be a simple way to help your employees feel more valued and significant. Workers who feel valued are more likely to remain with your company, eliminating the need for costly recruiting and training activities.

Giving out plaques to employees who have shown progress and initiative is a great way to show your workers that you value their contributions. Here are two things that you need to know about the custom engraving process to ensure your workers will be proud to display the custom plaques you award in the future.

1. Make sure your message is readable.

One mistake that employers make when investing in custom engraved plaques is trying to incorporate too much information onto the award. To ensure that the visual aesthetic of your plaques isn't compromised, you need to make sure that your message is readable.

Research shows that a reader's attention is captured with each new line of text but that attention quickly fades as the line increases in length. The optimal number of characters for each line of engraved text on your employee recognition plaques is between 50 and 75. Try to ensure your engraved lines doesn't surpass this range of characters so your plaques' messages are more readable.

2. Be flexible with your font choice.

If you have already selected a font before contacting a custom engraver, it's important that you ensure you are remaining flexible with your font choice. The type of font that is used to engrave an employee recognition plaque can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic of the piece.

You don't want to use a font that lends an informal feel to the plaque, and you want to ensure that the font can easily be read from a distance. Your engraver might suggest using a font that differs from your original selection and doesn't include decorative elements like a serif that can increase line density.

Relying on the expertise of your custom engraver when it comes to your final font selection will ensure that your award plaques maintain a professional and prestigious quality.

Investing in custom engraved plaques to award standout employees in your workforce can be beneficial. Be sure that you are taking the time to limit the length of each line in your engraved messages and rely on the experience of the engraver when selecting a font so you will be sure to end up with plaques that your employees will be proud to display.


1 July 2016

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