Include This Information On Your Restaurant's Car Top Signs


If you operate a restaurant that delivers food around the community, it's important to think about how to make your delivery vehicles more visible. Often, your drivers will use their personal vehicles for this work, so developing signage that each driver can mount to his or her vehicle will be valuable. A logical choice is a custom car top sign — a sign that can quickly mount to the roof of a vehicle and remain there for the entire shift. Car top signs are a useful way to increase the community's awareness of your restaurant, which will hopefully increase your business. An effective car top sign should include this information.

Your Restaurant's Name

It's critical that your car top sign design features your restaurant's name in a prominent manner. You'll want to talk about different font and font size options with your custom sign company so that there's little doubt about what restaurant the sign represents. If your restaurant's name is in a font that is difficult to read or appears too small, community members may see it but not be able to identify your business.

Your Featured Items

A car top sign is obviously too small to list your entire menu, but you definitely want to use this space to provide the names of some of your featured fare. Often, the name of your restaurant will suggest what type of food you prepare, but this isn't always the case. "Nick's Pizza" leaves little doubt, but "Nick's Place" doesn't give this information. Consider adding a few keywords to the sign beneath the name of your eatery. For example, this part of the car top sign might read, "Subs | Wings | Fried Chicken." The use of these keywords can quickly make community members start to think about food. Ideally, some of them will call you to place orders.

Contact Information

Of course, for someone to see the car top sign and decide to place an order, he or she needs to know how to get in touch with you. The average person is too busy to note the name of your restaurant and then search for your contact information online. Make sure that your car top sign design includes the relevant contact information. Typically this will be a phone number. If you use two phone numbers, list them both. You'll also want to provide your restaurant's website URL. This is especially true if you accept online orders, but can be valuable for those who want to browse your menu before ordering.

Reach out to a sign company for more help designing your custom sign


21 March 2020

designing magnetic signs for your car for advertising

When you drive around town in your company vehicle, are you advertising? Have you ever thought about having a magnetic sign made for your vehicle so that you can advertise your business while you are driving? This is one marketing tool that so many people overlook. Why wouldn't you spend a little money on a magnetic sign for your car and simply stick it to the car when you are out and about? If you design the sign just right, it can be very effective in spreading the word about your business. To get some tips on designing magnetic signs for your car, visit my website.