Get Noticed: Using Countertop Easel Signs To Boost Business


Sign holders have long been a great way to advertise a company's message but can sometimes prove to be a bit bulky or in the way. Taking this advertising medium to the next level, countertop easels make for the perfect placement of a visual advertisement. Using a countertop easel allows companies the opportunity to easily display their messages, promotions, and information in plain view of their clientele. Here are a few items to include in a countertop easel that customers will appreciate. 

Operating Hours and General Info

Using a sign holder to notify customers of general operating information can prove extremely useful for the business. Giving the customers a direct means of viewing operating hours, they are more at ease with scheduling appointments or planning visits within their own schedules. A customer waiting in the lobby of a dentist's office, for instance, can take note of the operating hours and effortlessly check their own availability for their second checkup. Including general information such as telephone numbers, emails, and website addresses can go a step further in keeping customers up to date with all the necessary information regarding the business. 

Advertise Your Social Media Presence

Using social media can be a creative and effective way of reaching new clientele. With the ability to tag a business in relevant posts, company visibility can become greatly increased in no time. Be proactive at spreading the word and include social media accounts on an easel. Placement should be where customers can easily view the material and check out the accounts while they are in the business. A client waiting for their haircut at an up-and-coming salon, for example, can find interest in their advertisement of the business on any social media platform. While they wait for their appointment to begin, they can simply check out the company's page on their phone and follow them. Not only will this create a more loyal base of clientele, but will also help expand the buzz about the company. 

Display Upcoming Promotions

Countertop signage can also inform customers of upcoming promotions, sales, and information that they will need to be aware of. A company that primarily deals in retail will find this use especially helpful in keeping customers informed. Using the holiday season as an example, signs can advertise the company's upcoming Black Friday sale complete with a sneak peek at deals. Signage that advertises a Father's Day sale, on the other hand, can promote items that will be marked down as well as a few extra suggestions on what would make an ideal gift. When advertising an upcoming promotion such as a sale, be sure to include the dates of the event, what items will be included, and how much customers can expect merchandise to be marked down. 

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1 October 2021

designing magnetic signs for your car for advertising

When you drive around town in your company vehicle, are you advertising? Have you ever thought about having a magnetic sign made for your vehicle so that you can advertise your business while you are driving? This is one marketing tool that so many people overlook. Why wouldn't you spend a little money on a magnetic sign for your car and simply stick it to the car when you are out and about? If you design the sign just right, it can be very effective in spreading the word about your business. To get some tips on designing magnetic signs for your car, visit my website.