Great Suggestions For Those Purchasing Tags For Power Pole Maintenance


Every power pole should have tags that provide helpful information, such as the last time the pole was maintained. If you need to purchase some of these tags and want them working out just fine, use these suggestions. 

Review Conditions Around Power Poles

If you want power pole tags holding up for as long as possible, then you need to make sure they're built for the conditions that they'll be exposed to on a regular basis. This is something you can easily assess if you just head out to the area where the power poles are.

Take your time assessing the specific environmental conditions, whether it's extreme heat, direct exposure to sunlight, or high moisture. Record these environment details so that when you go shopping for power pole tags, you'll know how they need to be designed and the materials they should feature for a truly long-lasting design.

Make Sure Quality Dies Are Used For Embossing

A common way to put identification information on power pole tags is through embossing. This is where numbers and letters are pushed up from the tag material, thus making them stand out pretty easily. The part that's responsible for this embossing process is known as a die.

You want to make sure it's high-quality so that once it treats your power pole tag, the numbers and letters at the end are clearly distinguishable. If you hire an experienced company to handle power pole tag embossing, you can trust their dies will lead to clear and professional characters.

Consider Adding a QR Code

There are a lot of power pole maintenance companies that like putting QR codes on their tags. When a power pole inspector or maintenance contractor scans this code on the tag, a lot more information will show up other than the details that are directly on the power pole tag.

You probably should take advantage of this technology if you plan on recording a lot of maintenance information with your power poles. Just make sure this QR code is placed professionally on the tag so that it's easy to scan at any point later on.

Power pole tags may seem pretty small, but they have a large impact on how these poles are maintained over the years. If you buy a set that's high-quality and made with the right features, you can further aid how these poles are maintained from here on out. 


15 June 2022

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